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Learning and Living

Treehouse Kitchen is a concept formed around the synergistic relationship developed by combining an artisanal kitchen with a place to learn about food and healthy living... and to experience life!

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A Life and Culinary Ecosystem in Encinitas, CA
Treehouse Kitchen is a life and culinary ecosystem! Treehouse Kitchen operates out of a modern/industrial home situated on a cozy coastal acre of land in Encinitas, CA. Equipped with a certified commercial kitchen, we host artisan chefs and producers who share their techniques and expertise with YOU! We also host yoga and lifestyle experts and custom private events. It's not a "class," it's an an experience! .

Treehouse Kitchen Cooking Experience
Explore cooking with the greatest chefs in San Diego County and afar, and learn how to make your favorite dishes and ones you've never imagined. Visiting Chefs bring a delicious twist to your home dining by presenting tastes and creations from around the globe, right here in our Treehouse Kitchen! Programs for Adults and kids are desigened to give you hands-on cooking experiences that develop your skills and confidence in taking on culinary masterpieces or just a tasty appetizer for friends!

Production Kitchen
At the heart of Treehouse Kitchen is a licensed Cottage Food Operation and Kitchen setup where Jammin' Stan produces his handcrafted artisan jams... and other tasty foods! The kitchen is nicely equiped with commercial grade equipment and an array of cooking tools and cookware. Demonstrations and workshops are available.