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Treehouse Kitchen is a artisan food market with a community café, a cooking school, and a commercial kitchen.  It’s a culinary ecosystem” involving a community of crafted food producers and chefs, the consumer community, and a perfect place for them to mingle and thrive.  

Treehouse Kitchen is a concept formed around the synergistic relationships that can be developed combining a commercial kitchen, a cooking school, and an artisan food market and café. The intertwined businesses support each other as well as individual artisan food producers outside of the kitchen, and deliver a great, food-centric experience for the local community.

COMING SOON! The Market offers a tasty selection of artisanal items and random specials based on who's cooking when! Come experience the creations of local and visiting artisan chefs and our own in-house standards!

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The Market at Treehouse Kitchen
The Market at Treehouse Kitchen provides a range of favorite farmers market products to the community 7 days a week. In doing so, the Market provides an additional sales outlet for kitchen partners as well as other local artisan food producers operating as Cottage Food or Home Kitchen businesses. The Market hosts a small café where we have dishes prepared daily in-house, and by Kitchen Partners in a comfortable urban environment.

Treehouse Kitchen Cooking School
Explore cooking with the greatest chefs in San Diego County and afar, and learn how to make your favorite dishes and ones you've never imagined. Visiting Chefs bring a delicious twist to dining in the Café by presenting tastes and creations from around the globe, right here in our Treehouse Kitchen! Classes for Adults and kids are desigened to give you hands-on cooking experiences that develop your skills and confidence in taking on culinary masterpieces or just a tasty appetizer for friends!

Commercial Kitchen
At the heart of Treehouse Kitchen is a commercial kitchen setup whereby local chefs and food makers license the use of our food production stations. The kitchen is fully equiped with commercial grade equipment, refrigerated and dry storage, and clean, organized facilites. Select chefs and producers will also sell their goods through The Market and hit our menu in the café.