Chef Stan

The co- founder of Treehouse Kitchen, Stan is also known as ‘Jammin’ Stan’. Stan makes his world-famous jam at Treehouse Kitchen and sells it at farmer’s markets, retail stores, and local coffee shops. Stan is a recovering “techie” and former CEO of several communications technology start-ups. Stan is a true Renaissance Man and aside from being a chef, he is an artist, musician, surfer, businessman all around wonderful guy.

Chef Stan
Chef Nikki S

Chef Nikki

Since 1990, Chef Nikki Schaeffer has explored the culinary spectrum. She holds a degree in Baking and Pastry Science from Johnson & Wales University. In 2001, Nikki was hired by an upscale restaurant in southern California. She spent the next 13 years as a corporate Pastry Chef while running her own catering company. In 2014, she semi-retired and became a private consultant for restauranteurs. Known for her boisterous personality, as well as her willingness and desire to pass on everything she has learned as a Chef. She loves all her work and celebrating the art and science of cooking.

Chef Penny

Born in South East Asia, Chef Penny brings forth her experiences in Asian cuisines from the diversity in her own family. It was this diverse family from of China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Thailand taught her the significance of how good food brings strangers together as friends.

Immigrating to the US from Vietnam in 1979, Penny grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area watching matriarchs in their kitchens working their magic. Now Penny lives out her dreams and passion with food with her own catering company and in sharing her expertise in Asian cuisine through her recipes.

Penny's goal in these workshops is to demystify the exoticness of Asian ingredients so they become a staple in your homes.

chef Tricia

Chef Tricia

Chef Tricia believes that food fuels our bodies and our spirit. It’s how we relate to wherever we are that day. Chef Tricia is the founder of Sherpa Energy Squares. Her past life includes the Pastry kitchens at Four Seasons Aviara, the Lodge at Torrey Pines, Chuao Chocolatier and most recently Lofty Coffee Company. As Pastry Chef she created a custom in-house menu, then developed the kitchen for daily high volume production in everything from gluten free muffins to croissants and brioche. Her passion for creating and sharing great food continues through teaching.

Chef Mark

A classically trained chef for over 20 years. Mark cooks and teaches in every culture and cuisine. He has worked as an industry chef, personal chef, professional bartender, and live in. Mark is a certified Angus Chef, has an associates degree in culinary arts and studied in Germany were he received his European wine certificate. He has a bachelors degree in management and recently completed his masters degree in business administration. Mark has recently entered a doctoral program at USC.

Katie Wiest

Katie Wiest

Katie Wiest Bio

In 2017, Chef Katie discovered the world of intermittent fasting and the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle (eating meals low in carbs with healthy fats). Her personal journey of learning how to thrive in ketosis and transform her metabolism led her to lose over 35 pounds, lower her blood sugar, and improve other biological markers. Katie loves to share the benefits of a ketogenic diet with tips and tricks for preparing simple and delicious “keto” meals.  Katie also has some tips and will discuss a strategy and how easy it is to maintain your program when eating out!

Chef Christina

Chef Christina is an 8 yr resident of the SD area and a San Francisco native at heart. Growing up, pre Food Network, she grew her love of food watching The Yan Can Cook, The Frugal Gourmet and Jacques Pepin. Christina studied Food Science At UC Davis and found herself wanting to pursue a more personable way to express her passion. She worked her way thru all types of food service jobs to gain experience: Restaurant Hostess, Food Truck Grill Cook, Ice Cream Scooper, and Caterer. Christina found her calling when she got the opportunity to teach cooking and has enjoyed every moment possible that she’s gotten to share her skills.

Chef Christina

Jennica’s extensive facilitation of body-based therapies, trauma recovery and sexual wellness gives way to a unique perspective on how we can experience freedom.

She holds a Masters in Social Work and is the co-creator of Neurogenic Yoga, an innovative trauma recovery method that integrates yoga asana and pranayama to safely elicit the body’s natural release mechanism. 

She maintains a private practice in San Diego where she facilitates somatic tension and trauma release, sexual wellness coaching and sacred sexuality through ancient Tantric practices and modern day sexology. 

Chef Ellyse

In Chef Ellyse's words... "I LOVE to eat and cook!" Ellyse has been growing organic and working on farms, urban gardens, and homesteads since 2011. Her interest in fermented foods began as a way to curb waste when there is an abundance and at the same time, benefit from the healthy aspects of cultured foods.  She also just loves the way it tastes! Chef Ellyse leads workshops in fermentation and pickling and teaches techniques and methods to give students a foundation to create their own tasty recipes.

Chef Ellyse